C of E was a metal band. C fo E stands for church of England. At the time I was hoping that the clip would make it to MTV, but unfortunately by my knowledge it never did. The clip took about 9 months to complete because it was a non commercial project, and we had to find time to work on it in between our deadlines. At the time I started working for Dijk Media. A small Multimedia studio in Ijsselmuiden. It was in 1999 at Dijkmedia that this clip was finished. I edited it on a media 100 system, and to make the fuzzy taperecorder effect I took a regular VHS videorecorder apart and while loading video into the media 100, I braked the cilinder of the VHS with a screwdriver. Thats why the image looks rough. 😀This videoclip was made back in 2000 so please forgive me the quality. I have a copy on BETA sp somewhere but no player to digitize a higher quality clip.