I started painting age 18 in 1992 thinking I would be the next Salvador Dali. That perception was radically changed in 1994. By attending the Constantijn Huygens Artschool in Kampen ( now moved to zwolle ) I eventually quit painting after hearing over and over that what I was doein was old news and I should find something new and big to do, like paint with a broomstick.

My first painting was “the girl in a bottle”. It was made for my girlfriend who at the time was 14. Because of the age difference I noticed a gap, and I wished I could make her a bit older and wiser. The bottle looks like a whomb. And in my mind it was like placing her in a safe place where she could grow in peace, like an early born.







From day one I liked painting with oil. I liked the slow drying and the smell. Also I like detail and I loved fiddling with triple 0 brushes.

The curtain clouds was my first assignment. I sold it for 300 guilders which is about 200$. Painting it took about 5 weeks. I was still in school and most days I could not wait to get home to paint again.








I always wanted to make the world a better place. Yet I love Industrial decay. I decided to take the freshness of











At the time I was painting this I was sailing a lot in the sea between the main land of northern holland and the islands.
Modern technology has always fascinated me. Also the clunky rusty ships with sails ropes took my interest, the stregth of the natural forces, and…